posting in a Western saddle (??)

Lysane Cree (cree_l@LSA.Lan.McGill.CA)
Fri, 7 Nov 1997 16:06:42 EST

I read somewhere (I think in the ridecamp archives) that in
ctr/endurance one should post whether using an english or a western
style saddle. I have always ridden in a Western saddle and have had
only few limited opportunities to ride in an English saddle. I do
hope to eventually take some lessons because I am interested in
jumping/eventing also (the only "jumping" I've done so far is either
bareback or in a Western saddle when a log or small ditch, etc. comes
up on the trail - and let me tell you it is not always pleasant when
your horse decides to put in an extra big effort and the horn hits
you in the stomach [VBG!]). Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone could
give me some tips on posting in a Western saddle. I have a general
idea of what posting is and I have managed to actually do it for a
few strides at a time, and then I lose it and go bump, bump,
bump.... until I go back to sitting at the trot. I know that one rides in a
Western saddle with longer
stirrups than in an English saddle, so should I be shortening my
stirrups?? Will I be uncomfortable for the rest of the time I ride
and am not posting if I do shorten my stirrups more or does it just
take some getting used to??
Lysane ("I know I can, I know I can")
Buck ("what are you trying to do up there anyway???)