Two subjects
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 23:41:29 -0500 (EST)

I rode a Bazy Tankersley Arab./Curley cross gelding in one of the Silver
State Point to Point Rides. He was lovely. Conditioned by Carrie MIracles,
he proceeded down the trail a perfect gentleman and did everything just
right, no vices that I could see. His recoveries at the vet stops were fine
and he was willing the whole fifty miles. I did not purchase him because he
was not as smooth as I wanted my next horse to be. I think his name was
Rough & Ready or Tough & Ready.

I am posting this for a friend.
Horse for sale: Shagya Arabian 9 year bay gelding. Wonderful temperment, well
trained in endurance or competitive trail. 1st place and sweepstakes winner
on first two competitive trail competitions. Ridden by both junior an adult
riders in dressage, jumping and trail. Owner off to college. Sound, clean
legs, trailers well. Asking $7,000. Contact Amara Farms/Carolyn Tucker at
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