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Thu, 6 Nov 1997 18:50:56 EST

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<< udy
Is it possible to have the stirrups on my Aussie saddle steamed so they
will be turned??

Also is it possible when practicing to get up and have 2 sets of
stirrups. My legs are so short to reach up where they need to be when
riding, I have to be able to put my legs over my head!!!!! Ever head of
such a prob, or is this just me???

I find that there could be a lot of reasons besides a tall horse, to be
difficult to get your foot in the stirrup! Some have old injuries, some are
just not flexible enough yet; underlegged, or over-tummied, or just small
people (for instance jockeys get a lift). You could drop your stirrup a few
holes, then when mounted, pick it up and change it for riding. Or, put your
horse in a hole, or next to a log, or carry a Rubbermaid stepstool in your
trailer. I suppose you could steam your leathers to turn them; after
all,they're just leather. They will turn and break in eventually, following
your leg, if you just use them. Thank God 2" wide don't have the torque of
western leathers! I suggest, supple them with oil and put a broomstick through
both, while on the saddle on the saddlestand. Thanks for asking. Judy