Re: Millet Hay

Susan Evans Garlinghouse (
Thu, 06 Nov 1997 16:25:11 -0800

penny mccauley wrote:
> I just picked up some millet hay grown locally. The NMSU ag. dept. said
> that millet is a good horse feed.
> Has anyone ever fed millet? Do you know what the protein percentages
> are?

Millet's a low protein grass hay around 7.3%. Feeding it with beet pulp
and a little alfalfa sounds fine.

The millet I have is bearded. Does this ad extra nutrients?

Nope, probably just fluffiness.

> I'll use the millet with alfalfa and beet pulp in the spring. Through
> the winter months my horse is turned out in about 800 acres of pasture
> that consists of tobosa, gramma and sideoats. Would the millet ease the
> stress of switching from pasture grasses to alfalfa?

Not much. I'd suggest taking some time to switch from one feeding
program to the other in both directions.

Susan Garlinghouse