Chevy truck transmissions

Chaco L (
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 19:59:48 EST

Some of you may recall my post a couple of months ago about a failed auto
transmission on my '92 /Chev. 3/4 T pickup. Several of you gave extremely
helpful hints how to override the auto while towing and especially while doing

With only 10,000 miles on this truck, you can imagine how dumbstruck I was to
have the transmission blow and how I was further shocked at the $2500 repair

Well here's an update: I found in my files a 2-year-old letter from General
Motors that extends the transmission warranty to five years or 75,000 miles on
91-92 Chevy C/K (and other models) pickup trucks with Hydra-Matic trannies. I
just called the local Chevy dealer and he verified that I will be reimbursed
for the entire repair job.

If this could apply to any of you out there, be sure to check on this extended

San Francisco