Re: Daisyclipping

Kathy Myers (
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 07:39:26 -0800

Sent this yesterday... bounced back and never saw it go
through. Not in archives today, so I'm sending again.
Rather quiet last couple days???
>Would "Daisyclipping" be similar to a "Peanut Roller"?
Hmm... Peanut rolling? The post about rolling peanuts with
the nose is a good image!

"Daisyclipper" just refers to the horse's movement. Just
realized my post wasn't very specific. If a horse has free
effortless movement they can trot and reach without picking
their feet very far off the ground... just enough to clear the
dirt, but not enough to miss the daisys. A horse must have good
balanced conformation to move like this... nice shoulder angle
plus good hip depth... matched front and rear... straight forward
movement... good legs, etc. A Daisyclipper is very smooth to ride
at the trot. Not too much up and down. They just kind of float.
Sounds like a horse you might see just anywhere, but once you've
seen one you realize they're few and far between.

Hmm... is that a better description?

:) - kat myers
in San Mateo (No.) Ca. with Magnum the TB ex-racer
... certainly not a daisyclipper.