From the dislexic one / To

Thu, 6 Nov 1997 11:06:58 -0600

Sory guys, got to post this privatly and on the list for all of us dislexic
people out there. Don't let people like this keep you from writing. I did
for 47 years, now you can't shut me up. (personally I admire people who can
spell, but I get a kick out of it bugging them so much .......)

Well then You are on your own. smarty

Good luck with this one............Obviously you are not having any

Ya.. Im DISLEXIC, 47 years now... (Can't spell that one eather, it must
drive you nuts. Got a problem with that............ Doesn't keep me off the
he he he

Sigrid Younger/Minnesota (I didn't spell check this one" he he he"


>...yeah...and spelling is one of them. I guess that inventive spelling they
>have been teaching in the public schools has migrated:).

The Space Cadet