beet pulp

Ann Blankenship (
Mon, 03 Nov 1997 19:39:23 -0800

In reading the recent posts regarding beet pulp, I got the idea that you
could feed it as a total feed. Apparently, this is not true. In talking
to a friend who feeds it, you are not supposed to use beet pulp to fulfill
more than 20% of the horses total nutrition. It says so right there on the
bag...I seen it with my own eyes!

So this is actually a SUPPLEMENT?!?! I could swear that there are people
out there who feed it instead of hay... Is this right, or did I assume?

So, how much beet pulp should you feed the average, working pretty hard,
endurance horse? How about the average, laid up for the winter, endurance
horse? My friend who is kicking ass and taking names with her tough little
Bezatal grandaughter, seems to be feeding a small coffee can or two along
with Source and a bunch of hay. Oh, and some oil too. Is this pretty much
the norm?

Is there actually NUTRITION in this stuff? Or just mostly fiber? I think
I've been confused about the role of beet pulp.