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Re: saddle debate

Tracy Stampke (zebella@idt.net)
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 08:48:59 -0700

Tracy Stampke wrote:
> I've been getting alot of response saying that the Bighorn saddles
> aren't any good, so I thought perhaps I'd share my experiences.
> I've ridden my gelding Pro in a bighorn endurance for almost 6 years
> now. It has god-only-knows how many miles on it, and has been used for
> everything.....team penning/sorting, gymkanas, packing, local horse
> showing, and 50 mile endurance rides. OK, so I did get some very
> strange looks at the shows and team penning, but it could have been my
> helmet too!
> It is in great condition, and has held up very well. No one can believe
> that its as old as it is. They do need to be cleaned regularly, turning
> the hose on them is NOT cleaning. I condition the leather on a regular
> basis and use soap and water with a scrub brush on the fenders etc.
> I won't argue that the seat in them isn't hard as a rock, but a seat
> saver took care of that. I also replaced those dinky stirrups with the
> ones from Roger R.
> Pro is a wide, mutton withered Arabian, so maybe that's why it fits him?
> They have semi-quarter bars in them.
> We have always gotten A's on saddle fit at the rides, and have never had
> any apparent soreness. I do wish they were easier to loosen the girth
> at the check....but since Pro tends to bloat while we saddle, it's often
> already loosened! Rather shocking to get off and realize that the girth
> doesn't touch ANYWHERE!
> I'm not saying that it would work for everyone, but it sure has for us.
> Anyhows, just my .02!
> tracy

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