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Re: hobbles: a success

Bonnie Snodgrass (snodgrab@ncr.disa.mil)
Tue, 29 Apr 97 11:37:06 EST

Just a word of caution. Do this in a fenced area. I was teaching a
group of 1-3 yr old Apps to hobble and after I had done 2 or 3 of them
I put the hobbles on the prettiest, nicest one of the bunch. She was
1/2 New Zealand TB crossed to this man's old style App stallion. I was
training inside a small, stout corral that opened into another pen. I
turned her loose and stood back to watch. She tried a little step,
sniffed the hobbles and took off at a dead run thru the two open gates
to the road and away she went. I ran after her to the dirt road and
all I saw was dust.She stopped about a mile away, real small in the
distance, turned around and ran home, back in the gate and stopped.

Shut the gate first!

Bonnie Snodgrass

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Subject: hobbles: a success
Author: ridecamp@endurance.net at smtp
Date: 4/27/97 8:31 AM

Hello Ridecampers,

Just have to share how well the hobbling went. Wrapped the middle-aged
mares legs before I put them on, since the felt padding in the hobbles
seems inadequate. Took her to the lush lawn, put on the hobbles and let
her go. She didn't even seem to take notice of them, just grazed

I think the 3 y.o. will need more lessons in being restrained before we try
hobbles on. Thank you to everyone who gave input on this subject.:)

Peggy (In MI, where I wish it would rain more.)

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