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Re: Jump on the BAN Wagon

Sheila Duke (sheduke@juno.com)
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 09:48:47 PST

>On Tue, 29 Apr 1997 00:20:34 -0400 (EDT) Swolbyddet@aol.com writes:

>At what point does the operator of this web server get enough guts to
>some basic rules and deny posting access by those which repeatedly post
>inflammatory messages with potentially defamatory content towards an
individual, >said messages which are then archived for access by the
general public ?

While I agree that vicious/emotional posts really are out of line here on
an endurance information listserve, I'd remind anyone criticizing the
operator(s) of the list server that this is FREE. And that there is a
person out there, Stephanie, working hard to provide it to anyone just
for the asking. If you must heap abuse on someone, do it to the people
who offend you - no one else. And I'd entreat you to do it privately.
I subscribe to this for information and ideas; NOT to be put on some
emotional roller coaster!

>I am advising AERC to consider distancing themselves as much as possible
from >the future operation of this web service and to further demand the
operator remove >any AERC registered trademarks or literature from this
system lest AERC find >itself the co-defendant in any future slander or
liable suit attributed in whole or in >part to the message content of
this system.

Sounds like a threat to me. Ever notice that people who never take
responsiblity for their own actions and words are the first to baby-cry
"lawsuit!" and not sign their names?

>that I went to a ride and found myself with two horses and only one
heart monitor. > I asked Teddy if she sold heart monitors and she said
she did but was "sold out".

Probably true - most business people won't miss the chance for a sale!

>This was the day before the ride on a weekend. Immediately following the
ride >Teddy approached me and stated she now had "one heart monitor" for
sale. I >inquired if it was new and unused and Teddy stated it was.

Maybe someone did try it out - maybe she discovered it buried in her rig
somewhere; maybe whatever - so what? I doubt it was a conspiracy to
cause you harm. While it is undeniable that Teddy shoots off her mouth
without engaging her brain on a regular basis, I've NEVER heard anyone
question her integrity!!!

Sheila Duke
Hebner AK

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