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Re: the great saddle debate

Beaux (beaux@concentric.net)
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 04:29:50 -0500

>Ah, the great saddle debate rages on......

OK, I can't hold myself back - I'm putting in my $0.02 and I freely admit
my recent discovery of this mailing list and low level of experience in
endurance riding.

>Ok, for the sake of arguement(and why not) you have met a beginning
>endurance rider, a light to middleweight.

I am a heavyweight.

>What type of saddle would you suggest they try first:

It seems to me the most logical course would be to use the saddle they are
most used to, as long as it has proven to be comfortable to both them and
fits their horse well, be it western, english, dressage, aussie or
"specialty" saddle.

Seeing that the bone of contention here is weight distribution of the
rider, if nothing else, western saddles provide the broadest distribution
of weight but with the greatest weight penalty.

Unless you are planning to compete at the highest level of endurance, even
though your saddle may weigh more than a purpose made endurance saddle,
what works best for the horse and rider is the best choice. In many cases
(mine for sure!) it might be easier and cheaper to trim 10 pounds off of
the rider than to buy a lightweight saddle ...

Hey! Now there's a good excuse! "I coulda won except my saddle weighed
10/15/20 pounds more than the winner's."

Beaux Graham

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