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RE:Sendig our horse to the trainer

Becky&Judith (randomrio@earthlink.net)
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 21:47:49 +0000

I am sending this for Connie Schein.

It is with a mixture of annoyance and sadness that I resond to the
message by Liz Henry. My husband and I have had horses for over 20
years and have witnessed trainers both in this country and in Europe.
In my experience Deb Cooper is one of the best. I have seen her work
with a week old foal with such skill and sensitivity that I felt I was
watching an artist or craftsman. Within an hour the frightened foal
became relaxed and responsive, performing small sized dressage
movements. I chose Deb to help me train my high strung, but
emnormously atheletic mare. Her first comments were that we must move
this mare from impulsiveness to impulsion. That result has been
achieved to my immense satisfaction.

It is a shame in this electronic age that one of the few really great
trainers could have her reputation and character damaged by persons of
limited knowledge and experience in the guise of seeking 'advice". My
advice to inexperienced people the the Henry's is to spend the extra
money for a completely trained horse - free horses and young horses
are never a bargain!!

I suspect that Ms Henry is have a naive and highly emotional response
to seeing her horse with scratched legs (Note her vet did not see this
as an emergency call) We can all be sympathetic. But those of us who
have been around horses a number of years can distinguish between a
horse with scraped leg and those terrible injuries and illnesses that
make us fall to our knees and pray for the miricle we know will never

Connie Schein

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