ridecamp@endurance.net: "Shattering Myths About Feeding", Equus, April 97

"Shattering Myths About Feeding", Equus, April 97

Fri, 25 Apr 1997 21:35:50 PST

I'd like to thank Al Randall for reminding me of this article. I started
to read it last month and then misplaced it in our recent remodeling

Take a gander at this article. It discusses much of what we've been
kicking around. And, basically reaffirms that what I was doing 3 years
ago, and what I'm doing once again, is a sound program.

Do any of you experts out there know these Dr.s Joe Pagan, PhD or David S. Kronfeld, PhD, BVSc? Just curious if you are familiar with their work.

Linda VanCeylon & crew
Buhni, Sunny, Rabbit, & Fiddler

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