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Fri, 25 Apr 1997 13:12:51 -0400 (EDT)

In response to Linnea's comment that Selenium deficient horses
will also get sore feet and hay loss, I contacted
Dr. Hintz at Cornell, since I had never heard or seen
this response to deficiency reported. He also was unaware
of this sign of deficiency. We then discussed the relative
unreliability of selenium assays-at least
one reputable lab I use refuses to even run Selenium,because
the assays are so unreliable. The only lab I would trust would
be the one at Michigan State-

I'd be very interested in getting references for the deficit signs
LInnea cited. Eastern Colorado soils,if heavily irrigated for prolonged
periods of time,as they often are, may be Se deficient.

I repeat my humble opinion that Selenium is too potentially
toxic to supplement in large amounts-I would not use it unless
I had clinical problems oftying up, and then would probably emphasize
the Vitamin E rather than Se.

BTW-Linnea-are you the same one I once knew? E-mail me privately ! :-)
Sarah Ralston, VMD,PhD

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