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Texas Bluebonnet Classic

George McGraw (georgem@ctinc.com)
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 10:39:39 -0500

Better late than never.

Texas Bluebonnet Classic
Decatur, TX - April 5, 1997

The rains were gone by start time Saturday morning. The sun was shinning
and the strong winds helped to dry the trails as the day progressed. The
sixty riders were all prepared for a ride through the scenic LBJ
Grasslands near Decatur, TX. A new addition was added this year as each
rider was provided a packet of wildflower seeds to spread at their
favorite place on the trails.

Ride manager Eddie Spurgeon sent the six 100 milers out on the trail at
5:30 A.M. Mike Maul, on Baskmans Pecan, was to be the only finisher in a
time of 14:22. This was the first 100 mile ride for this pair who have
moved up to 75 mile then 100 mile events this year after a strong 1996
season in 50 mile rides. Four of the other starters pulled their horses
from the ride and will be back another day to try again. There was one
lameness pull.

Six A.M. proved to be the start time for the 33 fifty mile riders. Tracy
Webb-Hoskins who was a last minute substitute rider for Earl James [who
was tied up on a business trip] did an outstanding job bringing Bab
Razzmatazz in for his first win of the year in a time of 4:09.
Albanet, ridden by Darolyn Butler, was only seconds behind providing a
one, two sweep for horses from Darolyn's Cypresswood Stable. The top
ten was rounded out by Mike Campbell, Mary Fields, Karen McMillan, Lisa
Skalski, Bobbie Barber, Lynn Zeigler, and two very competitive sisters
from New Mexico, Cindy Binns-Mendoza and Karen Binns-Camillo. The Best
Condition competition turned out to be a tie between Bab Razzmatazz and
Albanet who each scored 739.5. The tie was broken by the higher
Veterinarian score resulting in Razz receiving the embroided cooler and
top honors. There were 30 finishers in the 50 mile event.

The 25 mile limited distance event started at the civilized time of 9
A.M. with 21 riders hitting the trail. DAF Bobbi Sox, ridden by Jennifer
Noblin, was the first to reach criteria in a time of 2:50. Khristin
Seymore, riding Fire Pony, was the first junior in a time of 3:14.
Dakota, ridden by Terri Chapman, was awarded the coveted Best Condition
designation by Head Veterinarian Jon Warren. There were 18 finishers
with the other three riders opting to pull from the ride before

This ride was sponsored by the Texas Arabian Distance Riders Association
and sanctioned by AERC.

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