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Re: ridecamp-d Digest V97 #277

Beth Glace (lb@nismat.org)
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 10:35:17 +0000

I am not advocating high fat diets for athletes. There is some
promising literature just appearing but the long term
responses to such a diet, in terms of exercise performance or to
general health, are not known at this point. I think it is safe not
to say that it is not neccessary to adhere to a strictly low fat
diet in order to have good performances. A mixed diet, well varied
diet that emphasizes carbs still seems the best bet to me.
Furthermore, the study suggests that the decrese in RER usually seen
after training when exercising at the same absolute
> intensity as before training can be prevented by a carbohydrate-rich diet."
I'm not sure what the authors meant here. It is generally considered
a good thing to have a lower RER for a given intensity of exercise.

> "It is proposed that CHO ingestion imporved endurance capacity by
> contributing oxidative ATP production specifically in Type I fibers and by
> doing so delayed the development of glycogen depletion in this fiber type."
> "In summary, preexercise glucose ingestion results in increased muscle
> glucose uptake and reduced liver glucose output during exercise."

I think this is point cannot be argued. Carbs during and prior to
exhaustive exercise absolutely extend performance.

> I am a fan of carbohydrates in all types of exercise and am encountering more
> and more evidence against higher than normal fat diets--at least long
> term--and this includes human endurance and tri-athletes.
What I see with human athletes is that they eat carbs to the point of
neglecting proteins and fats. End up with a daily diet of: bagels,
bagels, pasta, frozen yogurt and pretzels. Throw in gatorade too.
Obviously a very unbalanced approach to nutrition. They could use a
greater variety of foods even if those foods provide some fat.
Beth Glace, M.S.
Sports Nutritionist

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