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Re: feeds again

Becky Huffman (hhcc1@htcomp.net)
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 17:30:40 -0500


I started feeding beet pulp about a month ago with wonderful results. My
horses were getting a little 'down', we had some lag in getting the spring
grass up good. They all gained weight and shed out slick and shiny.

the important thing is to soak it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after it has soaked 12-24 hrs, it will be 2-3xs as much.

1) I feed their grain half with the beet pulp. My understanding is that it
is very high in carbs without having much fat.

2) (my understanding) bran has been discovered to have the opposite effect
that it is used for. I dont know the nutritional value.

3) I feed vinegar (aprox 1/2 daily in their grain) works, but not great
for fly control... works incredible wonders keeping ticks off! We talked
about garlic a couple of weeks ago, lots of people feed it with good
results, but their was some discussion about it being toxic to horses....
I don't what the group finally decided on that.

4) red cell has always made my horses too 'hot'

Semper Fi & The ShadowRat
Huffman Horse and Cattle Company
Fine Endurance Arabians and 'Horned Cows'

> From: ENDRIDER@aol.com]
> To: ridecamp@endurance.net
> Subject: feeds again
> Date: Wednesday, April 23, 1997 8:01 PM
> Once again another question about feed!
> 1: I've heard a lot about beet plup and have a few questions about it
> particularly how much to feed? Daily? Byweekly? Weekly? Amount? ect?
> 2: Same questions for rice bran and the differences between the two?
> 3: Just some general feeding tidbits you might be doing? (a friend feeds
> garlic to her horses and it seems to help with fly control)
> 4: What is the general opinon about Red Cell?
> That is about all that I have on my list of Q&A for now. Sorry for any
> repeats in the subject but feeding seems to be a rather opinion producing
> subject.
> Thanks Margie

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