ridecamp@endurance.net: Hauling In a two horse.

Hauling In a two horse.

Kim (Aliakey@geocities.com)
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 15:34:35 -0700

> Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 10:11:44 -0600
> From: Ken Schleman <kenny@rapidnet.com>
> I was wondering what the opinion is about a two horse trailer hauling a
> single horse . Should the divider be taken out or left in. I usually
> take it out but have a friend that disagrees.
> Ken

When I haul long distances (300+ miles/ day), I'll leave the divider in
while moving. I have tried both methods, but I seem to have a lot less
shuffling around from the horse when the divider is in place while
Have to keep in mind, most of my hauls are usually through hills or
mountainous areas, with those wonderful twisty roads! If anything,
provide some stability for the horse (hopefully, your divider doesn't
to the floor).

Unfortunately, (which also halted my "free horse - no dividers"
my QH mare got "stuck" at the front trying to turn around in the trailer

This trailer did not have protruding feed bunks, etc. just a round
front, so
I was pretty surprised at finding out what all the fuss was about back
One stocky horse, pinned against the front, with a "Uh... help?" look on
face. I think she scared herself enough at getting trapped that
from her predictament didn't even cross her mind! Luckily, it was
pretty easy
to convince her to back up --- the divider came out of the pickup bed
put right where it belonged after that ordeal.

I'll remove the divider while loading (safety concerns), at rest stops,
sometimes unloading (depending on the horse), otherwise, the divider
back up. Hope it helps!


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