ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Hauling In a two horse.

Re: Hauling In a two horse.

Frank Mechelhoff (fmechelh@c-s-k.de)
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 18:47:45 +0200

Ken Schleman wrote:
> I was wondering what the opinion is about a two horse trailer hauling a
> single horse . Should the divider be taken out or left in. I usually
> take it out but have a friend that disagrees.
> Ken

I also take it out (hauling distances 2-5 hrs.). My horse like to have
some space. she prefers to stand a little diagonal, leaning her backside
on the rear pole. In this manner she stands very calm for hours. I
cannot say if she's happy or not, but I never hear any noise while

She also prefers to turn around and leaving the trailer forward. So I
decided to leave the divider away and practiced this for years with no
negative effect. Even if I haul two of my horses I leave it out (of
course there is still enough space to move and they wear booties).

There are some people who would disagree but I wouldn't take someone
earnest who isn't hauling really long distances.

If someone ask me loadby another horse I say "sorry I have no divider, I
can't be sure if they don't bite or kick one another" ;-)


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