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Hi Teddy,
Your point on the weight gain thing is quite important. When we were
weighing horses for our research, we never saw a horse that had gained
weight on a 100 mile ride, not once we had corrected for water intake, and
changes in weight of tack. A lot of these horses are weighed with tack on
once the ride starts. I know that we weighed tack at the beginning of the
ride and at the end of the ride, and blankets could weigh ~4 lbs heavier
because they had absorbed sweat and or rain. We had to be careful. I
also made sure that I had a control weight with us, to keep measuring as
we moved the scale from one location to another. This ensured that we
were getting accurate weights each time. We could not correct for fecal
loss on endurance rides, of course, but we do for the horses on the
treadmill. Also urine loss can make a big difference in the weight. We
had almost 300 horses in our study, but saw only one that had regained the
weight (almost) by the end of the ride. With all the corrections, I never
saw one that had gained. The weight of the feed ingested can also be
significant and does not reflect water replacement, only weight in the
gut. That is why we collected the blood to do plasma proteins, so we
could tell whether the weight change had actually contributed to the
hydration status.
Your point is well taken.


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