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Mon, 21 Apr 1997 19:55:19 -0400 (EDT)

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<< Sarah Ralston did a study of weight gain/loss of endurance horses at
the Vermont 100 a few years back. She had a great portable scale and
to our surprise, several horses actually gained weight over 100
miles. She does nutritional studies at Cook College and might share
this with us. I do not know if she ever did studies on weight
gain/loss during conditioning although she does ride endurance and
might have used her own horse as a g.p. >>

I have serious misgivings about horses actually gaining weight on LD rides.
Weighing is VERY tricky..depends on how much the horse has eliminated and
how much he has drunk. Were the weighings done at such a time when such
factors could be realistically monitored?

I know a horse can drink a 5 gal bucket of water (almost 40 lbs.) in a short
period after a ride..that's a lot of weight. Have you ever weighed their
droppings??? They can weigh a considerable amount. So the horse that has
not "pooped" and has just drunk can easily weight 50 to 60 pounds more than
the horse who just dumped and did not drink yet.

Do you know any more details of her study?


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