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(Fwd) Re: (Fwd) weight gain/loss

John & Sue Greenall (greenall@vermontel.com)
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 14:07:00 -500

For those interested in the weight gain/loss topic, I am forwarding
Sarah's reply to my post. Obviously she is lurking. One of the
horses that gained weight in Vermont was a Arab/Belgian cross with
tons of miles and a "take care of myself" attitude. She was not
racing, but completed in honorable time. I am interested in Tom's
comment that initial weight loss is muscle, not fat. More?

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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 10:47:59 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: (Fwd) weight gain/loss
To: greenall@vermontel.com

As far as the weight gain/loss, I didn't
get enough #'s from the Vermont ride to really
draw any conclusions. We did see an average
weight loss of about 30 lbs-which was interesting
inthat that was the same average loss we recorded
in three day event horses on the day of the marathon...
Currently doing work on treadmill exercise in two year
old fillies (part of a study on tying up). It's
interesting to note that the fillies worked for 45 min
(5 min walk-30 min strong trot-10 min walk) lose an
average of 8 lbs in just sweat! Puts increased emphasis
on our water/electrolyte management, no?
Gayle Ecker and her group at Guelph have done the most
on endurance horses...Laurie Lawrence at Kentucky has
also done some nice work-might want to contact them.

Sarah-wishing she had more time to condition her fat mare!

John and Sue Greenall

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