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Mon, 21 Apr 1997 12:26:36 -0400 (EDT)

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<< 1. Resynthesis of muscle glycogen.
Some things I've read indicate that increased doses of oral glucose after
exercise do not hasten resynthesis of muscle glycogen, at least in the 24
hours following exercise.
This would seem to have implications for multi-days rides, when we are
expecting our horses to front up day after day.>>>

Immediate post-ex glucose feedings are not intended for glycogen resynthesis
but for recovery and avoidance of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. I don't know
what part feeding post ex plays in glycogen resynthesis because at that point
the liver is very active in that regard.

>>What opinions are there on the practicalities of keeping horses going,
without detrimental fatigue, in multi-day rides?>>

My belief (not knowledge because I don't know enough about endurance horses
yet) is that you'd want to replenish the glycogen/glucose as it is being
used, little by little, all along the ride.

>>2. Feeding before a ride.
This has been a controversial issue, apparently because of misinterpretation
between members.
It would seem to me from what I've read, and experienced in myself, that a
period of at least three hours from last meal to start of endurance exercise
would minimise any potential problems of insulin release and subsequent
substrate unavailability.>>

Maybe--depends on the sugars. At any rate, there should be no big pre-race
dose. Instead, the glycogen loading should be done over several days prior to
the race. Even then, we're talking about 2-3 X 4 oz doses per day. Not a lot.
And probably not enough to carry a horse through 50 miles.

I have one report back thus far saying "plenty of energy" from a loading
protocol in an endurance horse.

> Does anyone have opinions on the optimum time for breakfast before a ride?
> Or do you tend not to give the horses breakfast, just hay all night?

The optimum time is probably his "normal" time, all things being equal. If
anything, that meal could be a little light, especially if you've glycogen
loaded and are carrying some replenishment fuel with you.

>> I thank you in advance for indulging my fascination with this area, and
forward to further friendly discussion.

Happy riding,
Western Australia>>

Anne, we'll try to keep it friendly. Meanwhile, keep feeding back results
from the field. We don't know anything until you folks prove or disprove it
in the field.


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