ridecamp@endurance.net: RE: selling products on the list.

RE: selling products on the list.

Flemmer, Linda (LFlemmer@CHKD.com)
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 09:56:52 -0400

I have no objection to vendors discreetly mentioning their products in
response to a question about the product, or as an answer to a problem
discussed on the list. I do take exception to blatant, regular ads
about a "daily special", etc. I've learned loads this way, and found
new vendors to ask questions of.

So you will know, I was/will be a vendor on this list again as the owner
of Blue Wolf Equestrian Supplies..... We are closed until after our
move to West Virginia on June 3rd. Perhaps I have a biased view on this
subject, but I haven't seen an abuse of the list thus far.

For those of you who object that this list is not commercial - remember
that it is a list about things to do with endurance riding.....
appropriate riding gear fits the bill. As somebody mentioned earlier,
you will not routinely find endurance tack in the local tack store.
There are simply not the # of us needed in one area to support the
store! This list is the perfect venue to discuss available tack!
Simply looking it up on the endurance page doesn't give somebody the
info they need, or there may be an alternate way of using equipment (or
something so different you'd never think to look for it) that you would
over look.

I vote to leave things as they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Equestrian Supplies
soon to move to Bruceton Mills, WV

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