ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Liberty Run, Fort Gordan,GA-May 25th

Re: Liberty Run, Fort Gordan,GA-May 25th

Bonnie Snodgrass (snodgrab@ncr.disa.mil)
Mon, 21 Apr 97 11:20:45 EST

Can't tell you about the ride but two different times while in the
Navy I was stationed at Ft. Gordan for schools and did a lot of riding
just a short distance off the base plus have driven the backroads all
over the base. This is sandy soil, mixed with red Georgia clay. If
it's been raining the footing just get's better unless you're crossing
a swollen creek bed that has a deep sand bottom. The bottoms can get a
bit bad, soft. Don't recall a lot of water on the base except a
couple of ponds.and small creeks. The terrain is very moderate, just
easy rolling hills and flats of pine scrubs. The base is crisscrossed
with wonderful packed sand/dirt roads. This should be a really fast
ride. If the trail leaves the roads you might find yourself in a
couple inches of sand. Maybe someone here can tell you more. It might
be getting warm and humid by then.

Bonnie Snodgrass

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Subject: Liberty Run, Fort Gordan,GA-May 25th
Author: ridecamp@endurance.net at smtp
Date: 4/21/97 10:48 AM

Anyone have any information on this ride - not much listed in the
directory as yet. What is the terrain like? Sandy, rocky, mountains?
Are pads necessary? I am interested in going, would like to find out

Thanks - Linda

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