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Sat, 19 Apr 1997 22:53:23 -0400 (EDT)

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<< OK OK I know I should know this but everyone mentions LSD and thats just
and dandy but how much walk and how much trot are you talking??? Well, I
started doing my LSD and have decided to do it in 3 min trot intentervals (
can't do more, to many hills ) For example trot three minutes, walk three
minutes and I will do that for 5-6 miles. Does this sound lke a good plan
building a good base for a horse?? Please pardon my ignorence!!!! I would
greatly appreciate it if any of you could help me with this!!!!! Please
to :

Olympian06@aol.com >>

LSD = Long Slow Distance The kind of work you seem to be talking about would
not be LSD but something more in the nature of a warmup. The "Slow" part of
LSD doesn't mean you're down to a walk--it simply means that you're going
slower than you will in competition. Intervals are reserved for the point at
which you want to work at, or faster than, competition rates. Rest periods
between marginally significant work simply negate whatever conditioning
effect you're hoping for.


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