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mucous coated poops

Bruce Saul (kitten@resp-sci.arizona.edu)
Wed, 16 Apr 97 00:19:23 MST

> Date: Tue, 15 Apr 97 08:42:00 PDT
> From: Stacy A Berger <Stacy_A_Berger@ccm.sc.intel.com>
> To: endurance@moscow.com
> Subject: Mucus coated poops
> Message-ID: <Tue, 15 Apr 97 08:48:02 PDT_6@ccm.hf.intel.com>
> I have noticed some horses have mucus encapsulated poops at the
> end of an endurance ride, and also in some horses that have coliced.
> What causes this and what does it indicate?
> Stacy Berger-Olsen
> Gilroy, CA

My experience with the symptoms you describe indicates that the manure
is too dry and either impacted or about to become impacted. Often when
a horse colicks due to dehydration when you get the gut moving again the
manure that is passed is mucous encapsulated and usually rather than being
bright green it is yellow or brownish and dry looking. Impaction due to
dehydration is a fact of life here in the desert which is why we worry more
about summer as a colic season than winter (the opposite of most of the
country). I would say from your description that the horses in question
were suffering from dehydration.

Tracy and everybody

Tracy Scheinkman
Misty Mountain Arabian Sport Horses
Tucson, AZ 85748

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