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Base milage before training

dli-adf (dli-adf@transport.com)
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 12:06:22 -0700

Putting together all I've been told, it sounds something like this;

I'm not the only one who gets impatient. We should work up to a 15 mile
ride in 3 hrs. at a trot, (is she going to need water before the end of the
3 hrs? I also assume that means me staying in the saddle for 3 hrs. I
don't know if I can but I will give it a try.), in the mean time volunteer
as a "safety rider" to get Isty and myself phsycologically conditioned to
allow the herd to ride on past us. Once we hit the 15 miles in 3 hr. mark,
start increasing the speed and bring the time down to 2 hrs. in easy
stages. During this stage of conditioning, (predominatly skeletal), we
should very seldom reach the anaerobic phase. Am I correct in thinking
this would be a marker for pushing too hard?

That should get us ready for a couple of 25 mile rides in the late summer
early fall. Next year, (winter? I'll be in CA were it never rains), we can
start training for the big money rides <g>, working on the anaerobic
system, IT and LSD, doing moderate 25's (3.5 hrs?) and a couple of slow
50's (8-9hrs.)

The following is what I feel is most important so correct me if I

We can travel for 15-25 miles at a 7-8 mph WITHOUT damaging the skeletal
structure of the horse. This distance of course will be determined by
Istys' aerobic condition. I assume this pace is only OK for flats and
rolling hills, not difficult terrain, such as rocks or grades over 6-7
percent. I take it this would be considered an LSD.

I left out all the HR and recovery times suggested since those are numbers
I can refer to. The strengthening of the skeletal system has been much
refered to, but I have not been able to find any numbers to work with.

Thank you all for the advice and encouragement.

Alan Fulkerson

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