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RE: Pawnee Grasslands Ride

Linda H VanCeylon (lindavan.eqath@juno.com)
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 15:05:17 PST

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On Tue, 08 Apr 1997 12:11:43 MDT Wendy Milner <wendy@wendy.cnd.hp.com>
>Did you go out on Sunday to do the ride? I'm curious as to the
>conditions. I listened to the weather reports Saturday night and
>with all the wind, blowing snow, and road closures, I opted to
>stay home on Sunday.
Hi Wendy,

Hope you don't mind if I pass this answer along to RideCamp.

Yes, I did show up and ride on Sunday. I blew it off on Saturday. I was
gonna get up early and drive out, but when I heard the roads were closed
and stuck my head out the door and was hit by that cold 40 mph wind, I
knew from experience that it would be colder out there. Plus I'd been
sick all week so I thought better of the trip and went back to bed.

Brad called late Sat. am and said he had canceled the 100 and the 75 and
post-poned the 50 & 25 to Sunday at 8 am instead of 6 am. (Of course we lost an hour sleep anyway due to DST). At 4:30 MDT Sunday, the weather
here was pretty good, so I loaded up and drove out. It was COLD and WINDY and cloudy out there. But 8 riders started the 50 and 5 started the
25. Some who came, just turned around and went home.

The wind and cold was only slightly worse than the second day of last
Fall's ride. I'm so accustomed to riding in the wind out there that it
almost seems natural. I'd say we started with 40-45 mph wind and 20-25 degrees. All the ponds were frozen on the first loop (23 miles). We
were able to break some ice and a couple of the horses were thirsty enough to drink the ice water. But most wouldn't touch it. The way the course is laid out, to the North and West, and because the
wind was from the NW, we were in a head wind about 2/3 of the time. It
was kind of like doing a really tough mountain ride with more uphill
than down. Only with the additional annoyance of the bitter wind in your face. At the first Vet Check, the Grasslands Ranger pointed to a flock
of big birds. He said, "Look those are the Sand Hill Cranes". I looked up and saw these big birds struggling against the wind and actually
loosing ground ( or air in their case). Then they turned and flew back
south. The
Ranger said he guessed they'd thought better of their migration plans
that day.
The wind and cold stayed pretty steady all day. I think by noon it might
have warmed up to 35 or so but the wind was still at least 30 mph. All
the horses that went were really fit so most fared pretty well. Right
after the last 50 miler finished, the wind quit blowing. So, the awards
were held in relatively good weather. The sun even made an
appearance. But the applause was greatly muffled to a "Thump, Thump,
Thump" sound of gloves and mittens clapping together.
I made a STUPID tactical error on the last loop and lost at least two
places. I finished 6th, about 10-15 minutes out of 3rd. It seems like
I can only learn from one mistake per ride because I've forgotten this
before. What I did was leave the rump rug on the last loop when we
could have done without it. Everyone else had taken theirs off. I was
really lugging the engine from overheating. My on board thermometer I
got from Roger was not giving me a correct reading at the time, and
neither was my HRM. (Darn those gadgets anyway). I've threatened to
wear an
forearm-band crib-sheet like John Elway does when learning his offence,
so I can remember what to do. Or maybe just remember to take my Ginkgo
throughout the ride to help my failing short term memory. But, other
than my mistake, Buhni looked great after the ride. And when I got home
and turned her out. She bolted through the gate and galloped out to the
middle of the pasture to roll. I guess she didn't get too tired. The
order of finish for the 50 was--(don't know the times or the 25's) Lynn
Sue Horn
Mark Daly Brigett Shaw Jeff Wagner Linda Van Ceylon
Theresa Van Hove

Wendy, you missed a good ride, but CRAPPY weather. Lots of riders didn't
come for Sunday. I'm sure Brad lost his shorts on this one.
(Figuratively speaking). The first of April is rarely good out there,
but because of the endangered Plover, they won't let us have a later

I hope this is not an indication of the Ride Weather to come. Here's
keeping our fingers crossed for better.


Linda VanCeylon & crew Buhni, Sunny, Rabbit, & Fiddler
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