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Re: Stirrups

Linda H VanCeylon (lindavan.eqath@juno.com)
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 16:38:45 PST

Hi Gang,

You should just let your feet "be there" in the stirrups. Don't stand,
don't flex, don't toe out. Your weight goes in your seat not your feet.
The posting action comes from the hip joint, not the knee or the ankle.
Then, you don't get sore feet, knees or ankles. That's riding a balanced
or dressage seat. Takes awhile to learn if you are doing it a different
way. But, really saves wear and tear on your body and your horse.

Linda VanCeylon & crew
Buhni, Sunny, Rabbit, & Fiddler

On Wed, 9 Apr 1997 17:05:55 -0400 (EDT) ChacoL@aol.com writes:
>In a message dated 97-04-09 15:24:10 EDT, you write:
><< I am not sure you can post for 100 or even 50 miles keeping the
> flexed - I know I can't. >>
>That's comforting, Truman. Trying my darndest to relax my ankles all
>time, but find it difficult to keep it up.
>San Francisco

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