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Tevis Web Site Update

Nat & Richard (trailride@foothill.net)
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 15:26:52 -0700

If you haven't visited lately, we've added a "Bulletin Board" for
current events and announcements related to the Tevis Cup Ride and the
Western States Trail...


Depending on how you have your browser set up, you may need to click the
"reload" button each time you revisit the Bulletin Board. As of this
afternoon, there are FOUR notes posted:

> Help Needed April 12th to Build New Trail
by Chuck Gabri, 4/9/97

> WST's Letter to Congress in Support of H.R. 936
by Tony Rossmann, 4/3/97

> Celebrate California Trail Days!!!
by Larry Suddjian, 3/27/97

> Write Congress in Support of Fixing No Hands Bridge
by Larry Suddjian and John Medinger, 3/19/97

> *** If you do not have a browser avaliable, ***
but would like an email text version of any/all of these postings,
send me a note.

/Richard, Tevis Webmonkey

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