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Re: Trail Saddles

Laney Humphrey (laneyh@mbay.net)
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 09:29:29 -0700

>Laney Humphrey wrote:
My book, "Choosing a saddle for endurance and long distance
>> riding," talks about the virtues and vices of all 3 types of saddles: panel,
>> sidebar and skirted. It includes a questionaire designed to help the
>> rider/saddle buyer identify the type of saddle that best meets the needs of
>> both the horse and rider.

>Does the book talk about Synergist Saddles? What does it say?
Lauren - My intention in writing the book was to do the initial "leg work"
for the saddle buyer because I believe most saddles are bought from the
outside in but its what's inside and underneath that determines how well the
saddles fits the horse (& rider!). In the book, I give a brief history of
riding and saddles, identify the major differences among the 3 types of
saddles & what uses and horse conformation types each is best suited for. I
also get the reader/buyer thinking about other very important factors such
as budget, rider "conformation," riding style (i.e., degree of
competitiveness). Answering the questionaire based on what I have said
about saddles makes you ready to go out and comparison shop to find the
saddle that best suits the identified needs of both your horse and you as a
team. I did not include descriptions of individual saddles because new
saddles come on the market all the time and old ones get modified and
out-of-date product info is worse than useless.
Hope this helps! Laney

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