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only 50 miles

Becky Huffman (hhcc1@htcomp.net)
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 11:11:50 -0500

Last weekend I had a 'learning experience' but I am still trying to figure
it out.

Shadow and I had done lots of homework and I was confident that he was
ready for a slow 100.

Two weeks prior to the ride we had a very intense training ride, HR,
Attitude, everything was great. One week light riding and one week rest.

Two days before the ride, the bottom dropped out of the sky and we had tons
of rain. Race day was sunny, cold wind and deep mud.

1st loop 25 miles.
15 miles aprox 2 hrs, let him stop for a short stop, he was very hungry so
I let him eat, stopped about 30+ minutes.
10 miles aprox 1 hr. 30 min hold. all A/B at vet ck, CRI was 56/54.
concerned that he was not drink well, but hydration looked good.

2nd loop 15 miles aprox 3 hrs.... total 40 miles
very concerned that he is not drinking much. had 1oz electrolytes @ ea ck.
Vet is concerned, but hydration is not down, all checks OK. CRI down 2
beats. stayed in camp @ trailer until he relaxed and had a couple of good
long drinks, aprox 1+hr.

3rd loop 10 miles. aprox 2 hrs.... total 50 miles.
drinking good, attitude good, lots of energy. jog/trot to camp 1/2 mile,
walk in for cool-down. Drinks, Pulse down to criteria 3-4 minutes.
At this point he was almost unable to walk up to the vet check.
vets checked him. CRI was up 2 points, Cap refill was up. all other points
were good and he trotted sound. rested him about 15-20 min then recheck.
CRI was level and cap refill improved.

Diagnose was muscle tiredness.

extra factors to tire the muscles:
1) slippery mud (not really deep)
2) strong wind

History: He did one 35 as a 4yr old. 5yr old, 50 in spring and 100 in
fall '92 (20 hrs). he has a couple of other 50s and one other 100(also 20
hrs) spaced over the last few years.
50s completed in 5-7.5 hrs

I have been reading all about training and feeding and I know this must fit
in somewhere.

He gets Omelene 200, beet pulp, fresh water and pasture.
I started feeding the beet pulp about 2 months ago, with wonderful results
and wonder if that was a factor.

We have a cardiac rehab/nutritionist specialist where I work and (consider
human Vs horse) he thought possible the beet pulp provided so much more
fuel then he was used to, that his muscles were unable to keep up with the
toxic buildup. I know this is the normal process for muscles to fatigue,
but he suggested that it was a problem because the horse had so much more
fuel than he normally had available and over time, the body would learn to
deal with it., and to be careful and use a very long cool-down.

I dont know if this is making any sense, I feel like I am rambling

just wanted to know what you thought

It doesn't seem normal (to me) to be able to tire the muscle to that point
without major stress to other systems???? All the other horses (all levels
of fitness and experience, some first timers) showed fatigue and stress
from the mud, but not like him.

Semper Fi & The ShadowRat
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