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Re: immune system stimulants

Duncan Fletcher (dfletche@gte.net)
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 08:15:28 -0800

There was a thread on horsesci on 2 x Panacure for 5 days. As I recall, it
is a protocol designed to kill parasites that have crossed into the nervous
system. It would be used to treat a horse with parasite related
neurological problems. There is some controversy overs its effectiveness.
Tom Ivers, Charlotte Newell, or someone else that frequents horsesci may
remember more details.

Be careful of the hype regarding colloidal silver. Contrary to some of the
information, it can be toxic and the letter of approval that it received
from the FDA has been withdrawn (but many sellers are still quoting the
original letter). Much of it is being sold through multilevel marketing

Duncan Fletcher

> From: John & Sue Greenall <greenall@vermontel.com>
> To: ridecamp@endurance.net
> Subject: immune system stimulants
> Date: Wednesday, April 02, 1997 5:34 AM
> I have recently ventured into the world of alternative medicine and
> have great interest in the practice of using immune system stimulants
> to either prevent or help heal. I have been introduced to several
> methods of which I would love to hear more. I am presently dealing
> with a particularly stubborn upper respiratory "thing" (pretty sure
> it is a virus) that has taken it's time going through the barn and
> manifested itself in various forms, from an occaisional cough while
> exexercising to full blown snots. Bummer is that I have already
> pulled from the first ride due to lack of conditioning on two of my
> three horses. If use of these products would be protective, I would
> never go ANYWHERE again without using them. I picked this up very
> innocently, and we all deal with this type of exposure.
> Methods
> Injection or ingestions of colloidal silver
> Injection of an anthelmintic (Tramisol*) at day 1,3,7,14,21
> Double dose of Panacure for 5 days
> Garlic C in the feed.
> If any one has used any of these methods, could you tell me what you
> thought? Were there any side effects? Are they legal before a ride?
> John and Sue Greenall
> mailto:greenall@vermontel.com

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