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Does anyone out there have a problem with a bolting horse. Twice now my
horse has bolted on me, taking off in a dead gallop. I think it is a work
evasion tactic on his part. I advanced from a snaffle to a kimberwicke bit
and it had no effect on stopping him! Any suggestions? >>

I have been retraining my ex-racehorse David using a combination of dressage
(as described by Mary Twelveponies in her book BACKYARD DRESSAGE) and John
Lyons techniques as described in his book LYONS ON HORSES and his magazine
JOHN LYON'S PERFECT HORSE (1-800-829-2521, e-mail: gallatinco@aol.com). I am
most impressed with the results--spent a month with David, actually not quite
that, working on John Lyon's version of getting a horse to "give to the bit"
(Setting Up the Baby Give, Perfect Horse, March 1997) and the difference is
remarkable--even when he gets "goofy" and starts rolling his eyes at some
monster along the trail or road David is coming back to the bit when I ask,
and listening--I've heard JLyon's methods arn't always a cure-all, but htey
have made a difference to my horse, that's all I can say--
Trish & "pretty David" (who will lower his head on command as well as give to
the bit--)

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