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Australian Endurance and Electrolytes

McClements Darryl (dmcclement@infotech.agric.wa.gov.au)
Thu, 03 Apr 97 12:03:00 PST

Hi from sunny Australia! I am new to the Net and have been following avidly
all the info. coming through the Endurance Net, but in particular I'm
interested in the electrolyte issue. At the moment our Aussie homepage
doesn't have the amount of relevant information available, so I have found
the US version immensely helpful and informative. This does pose a problem in
the case of electrolyte information, as the brands you all talk about are not
available in Australia, ( at least I haven't been able to source them as
yet, ). I also note that many are advising against homemade mixes. Can
someone please help in either advising on a product available here in
Australia, or a mix I can make up? I realise there is a fine line between the
correct balance of the mix and overdoing any of the ingredients, but surely
this could be possible if mixed carefully, particularly after reading the
article by Lyn Crespo. Many riders here seem to favour their own mixes,
including the addition of dolomite (rock?!) and some say you do not need to
feed mineral supplements either, if you feed correctly! Not my personal
opinion, (I work in agriculture, particularly pastures,) and know that
Selenium in particular is very deficient in West Australian horses, as we
have a lot of sandy soils which leach nutrients, and even though it is
available in some heavier soils, it is quite often not brought up by the
pasture which the horse is eating. Thanks in advance for any advise or
Carol Willcocks and crew - Pandora, Zep, JD and Al Jahara.

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