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Randy H Eiland (renegade12@juno.com)
Tue, 01 Apr 1997 17:32:58 EST

The 10th Annual NM RENEGADE RIDE was finished last Friday in record time.
Since I manage this ride I won't go into any detail about the ride....I
will leave that to those who rode it to make comments about the ride. I
will say this was the toughest group of riders with the overall best
attitude I have ever had the pleasure of being around. They endured all
kinds of obstacles, both manmade and tests of nature. We started 51
riders on Monday with about 43 trying to go all five days on the same
horse and 29 accomplishing this very tough test.

Suzy Kelley finished 285 miles in the phenomenal ride time of 22 hours
and 22 minutes, beating her previous record ride time by nearly two
hours. Marilyn McCoy finished 2nd in 23 hours even, Kim Fuess in 23:04
and Sharon Dumas in 23:04 as well...all four of these riders beat the
previous ride record. There was a different daily winner every day, with
these four taking one day apiece and Jim Barnett of Tenn. winning the 1st
day. Marilyn McCoy took Overall BC and each of the other riders won a
daily BC. Ovearll results for those who rode the same horse all five
days are as follows:

Suzy Kelley 22:22 1st FWT
Marilyn McCoy 23:00 1st MWT O/A BC
Kim Fuess 23:04
Sharon Dumas 23:04 1st LWT
Suzanne Pindar 25:29
Bob Wenzel 26:47
Crockett Dumas 27:17 1st HWT
Jim "Bud" Davidson 27:33
Earle Baxter 27:48
Lois McAfee 29:24
Sandy Skinner 30:11
Don Skinner 30:14
Cynthia Peticolas-Stroud 31:30
Chris Johnson 31:30 1st JR
Kelsey Johnson 31:30 2nd JR
Charlie Robinson 32:09 (1st end. ride over 30 miles
horse & rider)
Tammy Robinson 32:09 (horses 1st end. rides)
Sierra Stowell 32:30 3rd JR
Pat Henslee 33:00
Alexandria Luck 35:02 4th JR
Nicole Luck 35:02
Sue Norris-Romero 35:48
Pat Wasmund 36:08
Cody Eiland 36:22 5th JR
Carol Dee Eiland 37:34
Stephanie Schroeder-Teeter 41:04
Michelle Bryant 41:04 1st end rides
Les Carr 42:17
Trilby Pederson 54:27

Tessa McAfee (jr), Corry Clinton, Elissa Stowell, and Karleen Vivirito
rode all 5 days but used different horses. Elissa's horse went all five
days but alternated between her and her daughter Sage.

As I said earlier, I will let the riders talk about the RENEGADE RIDE,
but in my opinion this was the best NMRR of all We never had more than
one pull a day, no metabolic problems, and no major lameness problems. It
was an amazing ride by amazing riders. When a multi-day ride has more
than 40 entries it is easy to lose the comradeship and friendliness that
is expected from the RENEGADE, but this group was united from the
beginning and rode in the spirit of the RENEGADES of the past, and the
way past, too.

I want to thank all who participated, riders, crews, helpers, drivers,
Vets - Barney Fleming and Nancy Crider, and the ghosts of Victorio,
Geronimo, Billy the Kid, Pancho Villa, and too many other Renegades to
list send their thanks as well.

Randy Eiland

- July 4th, 1997

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