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Re: Goethe 25/50/2-day 100

Truman Prevatt (truman.prevatt@netsrq.com)
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 17:40:24 -0400

>Truman and Kathy did a wonderful job of managing, and the volunteers and
>support staff and crew--of which I was proud to call myself one--were
>busy, happy, and WELL FED!! I haven't been that well fed at a ride since
>I don't know when! Thanks guys.
>The place where base camp was held was wonderful! A lovely lady,
>Roberta--Truman, please help with last name and some background--opened up
>her farm, barns, family, and even her home in some cases to all of us.
>She was gracious and very giving. Roberta even led the controlled start
>on one of her honest to goodness race track pony horses. She showed us his
>great temperment and character by feeding him 1/2 her morning muffin while
>sitting on his back with all the hyped up endurance horses doing
>airs-above-the-ground all around him. AND, he didn't drop one crumb!!
>Roberta offered her entire family for the weekend, when they weren't
>manning the Feed Bag, cleaning up after the wind, rain, and all the
>milling people, and trying to keep all supplied with coffee, they were
>walking around asking how they could make it all better next year! We
>camped in the beautiful pastures around the barns, had stalls for horses
>that needed/wanted them, and there was even a cold shower for those brave
>enough to dare it!!

Robera Hill (Coggswell her married name) is her track name. She has been
in horses her entire life and has been a trainer for 30 years. She makes a
living off taking race horses no one can do anything with, rehabilating
them and raceing them. She will take a horse to Tampa one day and race.
The next day she will take the same horse for a 15 mile trail ride in the
forest to get its mind set right. She does it right and her horses race
for five and six years. She loves horses and she loved the ride.

We made enough money to get the permanent trail marking started in earnest.
Hopefully next year most of the forest loops will be permanently - only
needing ribbons to connect loops and to connect the northern trail system
with the sourhter trail system.

A warning to other ride managers. If you give your vets an unlimited tab
with the food supplier, watch the skinny, red headed, Irish vet. He must
have a tape worm. I have never seen anyone put away that much food! It
was awsome.


Truman Prevatt
Sarasota, FL

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