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Deanne Del Vecchio (delvecchio@geocities.com)
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 21:09:42 -0800

DreamWeaver wrote:

> Why hasn't anybody else written about their rides last weekend? Come on you
> guys, I *know* there were at LEAST a dozen people there from this list!!!
> The ride I am speaking of was the "Land of the Neversweats" ride, held March
> 22, 1997 near Honey Lake in Susanville, California. The ride was an AERC
> sanctioned 25 and 50 miler.

Well, Karen, you said it so well! All I will add is about my 50 on Gabe:

This was only my third 50. Beautiful conditions....great trail....very
kind and understanding ride volunteers....

Left a few minutes late, but not late enough, I guess, as Gabe was quite
the handful. Will re-think my next start.

First loop was 37 miles with a vet-check away from camp at 18 miles. All
A's for Gabe here. Made my day! Next was a trot-by at about mile 30.
Gabe looked slightly off right rear. Not conclusive. He was still VERY

Lunch check....scores not so good. B on hydration, D on gut sounds.
Different vet from the one that gave A's; could have been a factor here.

Last 11 miles done very slowly so be sure no metabolic problems. Gabe
still wanted to race. It was very hard to keep him walking or in a slow

Finished third from last! Something like 11 1/2 hours! Never thought I
could do a 50 so slowly! But we finished and Gabe was feeling fine the
next morning! Might have had a slight pull in rear hip? or stifle? but
didn't show any signs after walking out the next morning and after the
trailer ride home, he danced around his corral just fine.

Really glad we finished. Next 50 in May at Washoe Valley will be done
differently. Start much slower, if possible!

I think the heat wave here, with the full winter coat was tough on most
of the horses.

I forgot to put on sunscreen at 6:00 a.m., and ended up with burnt
sholders before lunch! Hot!

I chose the teal hand made halter for my completion award! Thanks, ride

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