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Honey Lake Ride

DreamWeaver (karen@chaton.gardnerville.nv.us)
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 16:19:00 -0800

Why hasn't anybody else written about their rides last weekend? Come on you
guys, I *know* there were at LEAST a dozen people there from this list!!!

The ride I am speaking of was the "Land of the Neversweats" ride, held March
22, 1997 near Honey Lake in Susanville, California. The ride was an AERC
sanctioned 25 and 50 miler.

Ride management did an excellent job for a first time ride, they definitely
deserve a hand for a job well done. The trail was well marked and it was an
excellent early season ride. We had a nice camp area with plenty of
parking. There was plenty of water on the trail as well as food and snacks
for both horse and rider. The awards dinner was terrific, we had enchiladas
with all the trimmings including several scrumptuous choices of desserts <g>
(can you tell where my priorities are?) Completion awards were very nice
handmade rope halters.

They had a ride photographer who took several pictures of all the riders. I
couldn't believe it when there were actually two in the book that were of me
and Rocky!! No mistaking us either, we were riding that day in our
ultra-cool outfit consisting of: red and black easy boots, purple stirrups
and snugpax, black and blue tack and my day-glo multi-colored tights. I
ordered 5x7's of each shot. I can't wait to get them! There were some
great shots of everybody else as well.

I completed the 25 miler on my horse Rocky. I rode with Dorothy Beebe (Hi
Dorothy!) and her mare Elly on their very first endurance ride! The footing
on the 25 mile trail was so nice that Dorothy rode her horse barefoot.
Congratulations to both of them, as Elly completed the ride with straight
A's and was even chosen to show for Best Condition! We had a terrific time.
Linda Eisele (Hi Linda!) rode just ahead of us on her horse Sareei who also
got to show for Best Condition. :) Sareei really looked good. The weather
was beautiful, we were warm in t-shirts. We started out after everyone had
left camp and took our time. When we left for the final loop, one of the
dogs from camp left with us. We felt bad for him, since it was so warm and
he didn't seem to be handling it very well - so we walked the last few
miles. When we reached the creek both of our horses practically drank it
dry <g>. I chose a black rope halter with a blue noseband on it for Rocky,
and he looks absolutely adorable in it. I was quite pleased with his
recoveries during the ride, he did the ride at 140 HR or below (in sand
even), and was always at or below criteria coming in. We finished second to
last, with a ride time of around 4 1/2 hours.

My puppy Whinny did decide to run away and move in with the campers next
door (Dorothy and Kris), after receiving her first couple of zaps from the
electric fence. Apparently she was quite upset with us and it took until
after dinner for her to forgive us and come back home. Hehe. A couple of
other dogs in camp also discovered that the fence 'bites'.

Oh, and one final brag. Six of us there riding in our Sports Saddles.
Every single one of us had straight A's on our horses backs (vet scores)
thru the entire ride!!! Some of these people had never had scores this high
before, so I thought that was terrific.

We left right after dinner, so I don't know any of the details about who
placed where or who got BC. Maybe somebody else can fill us in on all the

Happy Trails,

in Gardnerville
& Rocky :) 130 LD miles
& Weaver on vacation but knows I cheated on him with another horse!

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