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Re: cribbing

Sullys Maze (Sully@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU)
Tue, 25 Mar 97 13:48:17 PST

REPLY TO 03/25/97 11:59 FROM ridecamp@endurance.net: cribbing

Hi guys,

Although not strictly endurance-related, could I get some feedback? I'm
looking at a QH mare who I just discovered cribs---not continually
but often enough. She grabs the top bar of the corral, sort of pulls
back and grunts, which I assume is swallowing air. I've never had a
cribber before. She is not going to be used for distance at all, just
as babysitter for novice riders (everything else here is way too hot)
and pet for small child and soon-to-be hubby.
Susan Evans

--It may depend on your personality! I bought QH that cribbed, and
as the horse was at my house, I was aware of it all the time. It
absolutely drove me crazy! The strap stopped it some, but didn't
pervent her from chewing my wood fences. I would NEVER have a
cribber again-no matter how wonderful they were!


P.S. my husband constantly chews on drinking straws-that drives me
crazy too!

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