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Re: Wild Arab /Wkend story

Reynolds, Nikki (jakar@aiinc.com)
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 17:56:11 -0800

Hi Connie,
Sounds like a great place to be with your friends and horses to enjoy
nature, steers included!
I have a weekend story too. I missed out on doing the Honey Lake ride
in Susanville, CA, so I decided to do a forty mile training ride out to
Lahontan Reservoir via the Dead Camel Mountains,(NV). No one was
available to go with me, so I left a flight plan with friends and
carried a note on my horse with their phone number.
Jakar and I went up into the mountains and had to go through two
valleys to get to the other side and the reservoir. In one of the
valleys was a herd of mustang range horses. They saw me passing at a
canter and gathered up for the attack. They came charging at a run to
cut us off as we climbed out of the valley. We tried to outrun them,
but two managed to stay with Jakar, who had just done over 2000 feet of
climbing. One of them tried to come into the saddle with me and I had
to quirt him off. The other two were mares and stayed with us for
another half mile before tiring of the game. Talk about scary! I've
never had a run-in like that with such gregarious horses. They were
obviously mustangs, but so used to humans too. I guess a lone rider is
no threat to them. Anybody else out there have something like that
happen? What's best? Standing your ground or trying to get away? By
the way, Jakar is a gelding, and low on the pecking order as horses go.
He was pretty scared too!
Thanks, Nikki

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