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Re: nite light

Brad Patterson (mbp@frii.com)
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 21:06:22 -0700 (MST)

>I am having problems finding a reliable light for riding in the dark. Even
>with new batteries and bulb, light will not stay good for long enough to
>complete loop!!
>I know I must be missing something (yes-I have my sign!)
>Semper Fi & The ShadowRat
>Huffman Horse and Cattle Company
>Fine Endurance Arabians and 'Horned Cows'

Greetings Becky!
First, as Joe Long noted, trust your horse-they live outside in the dark
365 nights a year! Then practice riding in the dark in areas that you know
and feel comfortable in, and use the moon! However, when there is no
moonlight, having some light can certainly make the night riding more
enjoyable, and you feeling more secure!

I would suggest combining Joe Long's suggestion (mini-mag carried on string
around neck to use only "as needed") with 1-2 glow sticks attached to the
breastcollar; the light is not focused nor overly bright but are certainly
sufficient to illuminate the trail, and it does not seem to interfere with
the horse or approaching riders. Although the cost is $2-3 per light, they
last about 6-8 hours and are very reliable-either they work (usually), or
they don't! Re. using a helmet lamp on the trail, some potential problems
are it not working (which you have unfortunately experienced!), having it
knocked off the helmet by tree branches, etc., and it is hard to read maps
close up with a light on a helmet; the mini-mag lights are the most
reliable for this purpose, and when combined with the glow sticks you have
both a primary and backup system that are lightweight, effective, and

For a hands-free "work light" in camp, either something attached to your
helmet or a "snake" light that wraps around your neck will do well.

Good luck & happytrails!

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