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Heart Rate Readings

Wendy Milner (wendy@wendy.cnd.hp.com)
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 11:20:45 MST

There seems to be two lines of thought on the readings I got
with Drake.

1. The heart rate monitor is not reading correctly, due to a loose
girth, movement of the skin, etc.

2. The canter is a more efficient gait for Drake so his heart rate
is actually lower than at the trot. And when we stop, the body
has to make quick adjustments so for a minute the rate goes up
then back down.

When doing the canter, the monitor reads from 100 to 105 or so.
It is not "stuck" on a number, but varies a bit up and down.
I thighten the girth to a set hole when I ride. The girth is
fairly tight, enough so the saddle isn't slipping back on that
big uphill, but not so tight as to interfer with breathing.
When I finish the ride, I can pull the girth out a bit -
enough so I can squeeze a couple of fingers beneath it.
I don't try to test the tightness when I'm cantering:-)
But I don't feel the saddle moving.

I place the electrodes 1> on the left side of the back, a hand down
from his back bone, and a hand back from the withers, 2> on the
girth, behind the elbow, about a hand back when standing. The monitor
seems to record reasonable rates at the stop, walk and trot. We
just haven't be working the canter much in the early part of our

If, as I'm beginning to suspect, Drake does have a very efficient
canter, should I continue to use his trot to "work" his cardio-vascular
system, or should I now switch over to the easiest working gait?

One thing about Drake's ability to canter. Last year we were doing
a pretty flat ride. There was a person in front of us and Drake really
didn't want to be left behind. So I let him canter to stay up with
her and just watched and listened to him. He cantered for 25 miles,
and beat her in the final recovery. He also took BC. So, I know that
he can just keep on going like a certain pink bunny. I didn't have
the monitor at that time, so I don't know what his rate was during
the ride.

Our first ride of the season will be in two weeks. This is a flat,
out on the parire with nothing to look at but buffallo grass,
"boring" ride. Some one mentioned that if you do this ride you should
take motivational tapes along to keep you awake:-). Maybe we can
watch the comet in the morning before the sun comes up.

Anyway, it will be interesting to monitor what Drake's heart rate
and recoveries will be.


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