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Re: Confusion on Heart Rate

Fri, 21 Mar 1997 01:41:10 -0500 (EST)

Hi Wendy
RE -weird HR at canter.
MOST common problem is electrode movement. These reading you are getting are
not normal.
You should be able to see the HR increase from the trot to canter to gallop..

Insure girth is secure,
I assume the horse is wet,

If using a neopreme girth.. or any other slippery type.. insure you use the
velcro band around the girth to help keep the bottom electrode in place..

insure the TOP electrode in well under saddle..around the stirrup hanger.
If too far front the electrode will move under the saddle at a gallop.

LONG hair will cause a problem when wet. the electrode slides..
trim out a patch of hair.. close to the skin. make the 'hole' about 3 inch ..
insure the electrode is placed in the hole..insure you use some ekg gel. rub
it into the hair under the electrode.
May want to move the bottom electrode a bit lower on the girth.

Some times the HR WILL go down when shifting from a HARD trot to an easy
canter. That is the ground speed is about the same. The effort is less at an
easy canter vs hard trot.

But running full tilt up hill.. you will see the higher HR you get when you
The electrodes stopped 'shifting' around at the trot or walk.. then you get
the correct reading.
But of course this is not what we want.
So check out all the above.

All else fails call us

Roger R
800 655 8629

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