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Re: Reduced feed intake

Tue, 18 Mar 1997 22:30:01 -0500 (EST)

<< << Hello everyone,
Has anyone had their horses back off their feed after a 50 miler even
though their horse is having an excellent attitude after the rides? My
mare after two fifties a month apart has not been finishing her rations of
grain. Her attitude has been great and she has been coming out of the
rides wanting to go out again the next morning ,I give her 4 to 5 days off
after the rides and she is out in pasture with plenty of hay. It's been a
week and a couple days since her last ride and she still isn't completely
cleaning up her feed. Does anyone have any suggestions or have they
experienced this with any of their horses?
Cindy & Sea Breeze >>

My stallion used to do the same thing during and after monthly shows. I
started him on a probiotic product called Fastrack. It contains live
micro-organisms that increase the "good bacteria" count in the digestive
system. The increase in "good bacteria" aids the digestion of the feed and
the absorption of the nutrients by the digestive system. It has increased
his appetite during periods of elevated work activity, and reduced his desire
for intake during less strenuous time periods. Weight management is MUCH
easier now. For more information on Fastrack:
E-Mail <A HREF="Mailto:rickni@aol.com">RicKni@aol.com</A>
Visit <A HREF="http://memberrs.aol.com/rickni/Fastrack.html">http://memberrs.a

Good luck!


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