ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Reduced feed intake

Re: Reduced feed intake

Wed, 19 Mar 1997 01:55:10 PST

> Tivers@aol.com wrote------------------------------------
>Two things could cause this problem: muscle soreness and a disruption
>of gut
>flora. A quick test would be to see if bute or another
>resolves the problem. If not, then it's likely a gut flora
>problem--get an
>additive with probiotics or prebiotics--or test with some live yogurt. >

I agree with you on the possible causes, Tom. However, I would be more
conservative on the solutions.

I would try the gut flora enhancement first for a couple reasons. First,
it is less radical. Second, if this solves the problem, you have not
upset the horse's system with the side effects of Bute. ie) upset gut
flora, dehydration--- which will cause the need to use pro/pre-biotics

If gut flora enhancement does not work, I would use a much less radical
anti-inflammatory than Bute-- MSM or GAGS

>One way to prevent muscle soreness is subsequent days after an
>endurance test
>is a strong dose of carbohydrate within 1 hour of the finish.

This sounds like a good idea, and this preventative might also help
rejuvenate the gut flora-- & help the appetite.



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