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De-Spooking(?) Clinic

Leonard LIESENS (liesele@dg1bis.cec.be)
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 12:32:07 +0100

Jen made e&127;the exact description of the behaviour of my ex-stallion
He was already like that as a stallion (6year). Now that he is gelded,
he is more quiet in the stall (his stall doesn't look anymore like Omaha
beach after one day inside!), but his behaviour during conditioning
remains the same, even worse. Even after 3 hours ride, he is still
watching everything in his environment and spooking on everything he
find unusual, like a rock, a paper, a bird, you know what I mean.
I was thinking to give him one of these herbal mix, but I don't know how
far this will be working and even if this wouldn't be detrimental for
his performances...will try.
I tried also homeopathic remedies (gelsemium for example a few hours
before to ride), but I didn't see noticeable differences.
So Jen's post (hello jennifer...are you there...) sounds very
interesting to me. This is sure that I couldn't go to this clinic, but
if the guy have written some words about his technique, maybe can I
Thanks for reply
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