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Re: "Laid back" TWH

Fri, 14 Mar 1997 07:24:18 -0500 (EST)

Thanks for the note on the Tennessee Walking Horses Judy! I must admit I am
not real familiar with this breed. The ones we meet out on the trails do
SEEM very laid back! Ron, my hubby, is a big guy, 6'2" and 235 lbs. He
looks kind of out of place on most Arabs. As I said, he is mainly a golfer,
not a rider--but he does think TWH look very classy, most are certainly big
enough to handle a guy his height and weight, and he thinks he'd like the
smooth ride.
Ron is one of those strange humans who does not trust horses and never
will--he says he doesn't like entrusting his health to an animal who is
faster, bigger, and stronger than himself and can at any moment decide the
ride is over and it is time to head for home--I think the fact that he has
never actually seen a TWH come running (racking?) back into camp ALL BY
ITSELF and he has seen just about every other breed do this has swayed
him--so I don't know if I want to shatter his fantasies with your message or
not (Ron doesn't trust computers either, so he won't see it himself!). If I
do he might start looking for a Clydesdale (the only draft breed he
knows--Budwieser, you know!) He is a wonderful man who puts up with a lot
from his horse crazy wife so I think I'll keep him!
Now i'm going to hear from someone who endurances their Clydesdale and
wants me to know they are not laid back either!

>But when it comes to a laid back temperment. . .well, if your husband likes
fire, snortiness, and a "lets get down the trail" attitude--he'll enjoy a
TWH. . .

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